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Our SEO Services

Our SEO Services

We provide Search Engine Optimization, SEO Services in San Francisco Bay Area.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the rankings of a website in organic (non-advertised) searches of popular search engines such as the Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. As a general rule of thumb, higher the ranking of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs), greater is the traffic coming to the website and higher is the business potential involved.

The process of Search Engine Optimization involves a lot of factors including a good understanding of how the search engines operate and rank websites, what search phrases or keywords people use to search information on the internet or demand that exists in the marketplace, what kind of supply or competition is available to fulfill this demand, website user experience and engagement, search engines preferred by users to search information, number and quality of websites linking back to your website and many other factors.

While the Search Engine Optimization tactics are simple, execution is often grueling. If you don’t keep up with your program, you will never see the results you want. Our team of writers and Internet engineers have the expertise and discipline to keep your campaign running, day after day and month after month.

Our SEO Process

SEO has the best long-term return on investment because once your site ranks for important keywords, you do not pay for each additional visitor to your website. However, SEO does require that a number of activities be performed on an ongoing basis to achieve good rankings in search engines. Here are a few key steps we perform as part of the SEO process for our customers:

  • We start off the SEO process by engaging with our customer in a collaborative, keyword discovery phase. We identify the best target keywords that people are searching on the internet to find similar products or services as offered by our customer. We analyze our customer’s current web traffic, web traffic to competing websites, various keyword research and analysis tools and our customer’s business strategy for identifying the best target keywords that prospects may be looking for.
  • We then create keyword relevant articles for our customer’s targeted keywords each month. The content is developed so that one article can be used several times during the link-building phase of the project.
  • Our ongoing link-building program distributes that content to one of the thousands of websites that accept user-generated content. Each of the articles link back to our customer’s website with relevant anchor text. Although the primary purpose of these submissions is links to the target website, our client may even receive some referral traffic from these submissions. If desired, we can also use the content for blogging on our customer’s website. Finally, all submissions are added to social bookmarking sites and other locations to improve the indexing of the content by search engines.
  • Any confirmed links are included in our linking rotation so that some new articles may link to other articles or social bookmarks. The process increases the value of the links into our customer’s website.
  • All of our customers are given a login access to our SEO Dashboard (which can be accessed by clicking the “Customer Login” link in the top menu of our website). The customers can log into our SEO Dashboard at anytime and review the various activities we are performing for them in real time. In addition to these actions, we also track website rankings on a daily basis for each targeted keyword that can be reviewed in the Dashboard at any given time.