How to promote a product online – 3 key questions to be considered!

How to promote a product online – 3 key questions to be considered!

As marketing managers and business owners, people often wonder, “how to promote a product online?”, “Where to find prospects, leads and buyers for our product or service?”,”how to connect and engage with our prospective buyers?” and so on and so forth. The world of technology and the Internet is very vast and complex these days. It is very easy to get carried away with cool-sounding ideas, quick fix approaches and the ever-expanding technology overload. Thereby loosing focus from the fundamental principles of business building and promoting.

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.” ~ Steve Jobs

Lately, if you are also trying to promote your new product or service online, then here are three key questions that you must answer very honestly before moving forward with any promotional activities:

1. Who would want to buy my product or service and why? Lets face it, as the creators and promoters of newer products and services, many a times we almost assume that what we are building and offering to the world is truly cutting-edge and game changing. While this may be true in most cases, still it is important to recognize that people buy a product or service essentially due to one of the following two reasons:

  • To satisfy some fundamental human emotion. OR
  • To solve a pain point the buyer is experiencing.

Hence, before you start promoting your product or service to everyone out there, become very clear as to who is it that your product or service is going to be useful to. What would be the emotional needs or pain points of your prospective buyers and how these would be addressed by your product? Who are these people and what are their characteristics, habits and other demographics?

Be critical. Ask tough questions. Brainstorm and seek clarity with your team. You may even consider hiring an honest and wise coach who can offer you un-biased feedback and insight.

2. Where would my ideal buyers go to seek solutions to their pain points? Once you have established a clear image of who would potentially buy your product or service and why, the next thing you need to reflect upon is where do these people go on the Internet to seek solutions to their needs and pain points.

Would such people be more active on Facebook, or would they find LinkedIn to be of greater value or would they simply like to search out solutions on Google? For example, if your ideal customer is a CIO looking to hire a suitable candidate for a Directorial position within his organization, then LinkedIn may be a better medium for you to connect with CIOs and offer them opportunities to take advantage of your services. On the contrary, if your product is a fitness product that is going to address some fitness issues that people occasionally experience, then you may be better off to focus most of your energies in finding and connecting with such people on Google or Facebook.

Whatever be your area of business offering, it will be critical to your business success that you gain a very good understanding of where your ideal customers would like to hang out at in the online world; Then make efforts to be in front of your target audience and add value to their life. Strive to be of great service to them, even when offering something for free. After all, service excellency is in the DNA of highly successful people, products and businesses, isn’t it?

3. How would my ideal customers find out about my product, as a solution to their problem? Finally, you need to think of all the possible ways that your ideal customers would probably find out about your product or service as a solution to their problem areas.

For example, lets say, your ideal customers prefer using Google for searching solutions to their pain points. Then you will do well to put some effort and uncover all the keywords that such people would possibly use to query on Google and seek solutions (Note: there are tools that will help you discover what people are searching for on Google). Then use those search queries to create original, interesting content that would genuinely add value to your ideal customer’s life and help address their pain points. Do not be afraid of sharing your product secrets online for the fear of being copied by your competitors. Information on the world wide web spreads way too fast these days. If your content is genuine and awesome, chances are that before your competitors even find out about it, your content may have gone around the whole world with you being the originator of that content.

Also, creating a great content that genuinely helps people and encourages them to share it with their friends and family, will have two distinct advantages as follows:

  • The more the content on your website that people love to read and share, higher are the search engine rankings in Google and other search engines. This eventually leads to greater website traffic and greater number of leads and customers.
  • A great content that people love to read and share, also establishes you as a thought leader in your chosen area of expertise, which in turn would again lead to more business for you.

Finally, hope you liked reading this article and gained something valuable out of it. If you did, please help me reach your friends and contacts by hitting the share buttons. Also, as a next step, you may want to download my free ebook, “How to build a a great business and get more customers fast” by clicking the below download button. This is a short, 30-pages, 10-chapter ebook that I have written in January 2014, laying out some of the best business-building ideas, action steps and methodologies for entrepreneurs, business owners and startups.


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