Coaching Methodology

Through years of experience, reading, reflection, understanding and application, we have observed that there is a formula to creating success in any field. We truly have the ability to create any end result we sincerely desire and work towards. Even studies indicate that it only takes around 10 years of dedicated practice to create a genius in any given field.

We all know of people who overcame physical challenges to leave a mark on this planet with their talents and abilities. There are others who have gone from humble beginnings to being super rich and successful. Still others have gone from being normal, ordinary human beings to becoming exceptionally brilliant leaders and visionaries who changed the face of this planet. The Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Helen Keller, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Soichiro Honda, Wright Brothers and others are a few examples of such great personal transformations.

Similarly, there are organizations that started off badly but eventually transformed themselves into being market leaders in their respective business segments. There are companies that went from being mere startups to being real game changing conglomerates within a short period of time. Still others have transformed themselves from being old hat mediocre companies to being innovative powerhouses that consistently dished out the best of the breed products and services. IBM, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, Google, Facebook and others are just a few examples of such organizational transformations.

The question is, “what does it take to experience such a personal / organizational transformation?”

We have tried to break down the basic framework to such a transformation or creative process into four distinct categories. We call this creative framework as “The Four Cs of Transformation”. We employ this framework as a coaching methodology to get some amazing results for our clients, both personally and professionally. Here is an overview of the four Cs involved in our framework:

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