Our Company
Having years of experience working with Businesses and major Corporations around the Globe, our Leadership Team founded BodhiMinds with a single objective – Helping Small and Medium sized Businesses and Individuals become more Productive, Innovative and Profitable by offering IT products & services that are Effective and Scalable, yet Affordable. Adhering to the highest levels of Quality and Customer Service is not only in our DNA but also the very foundation on which BodhiMinds has been established. And yes, we strongly believe that a positive, solution-based Mindset and Light Heartedness go a long way in building lasting Success for our Clients, our Communities and Ourselves. We Succeed only when our Clients Succeed.
Our Guiding Philosophy
Through years of Reading, Reflection, Understanding and Application, we have come to the following conclusion:
“Every Individual or Organization has the inherent ability to create any end result desired, as long as they have the Clarity of purpose, are willing to undergo Change, demonstrate an unshakable Commitment to persist against all odds and have the skills to Create with proper planning, executing flawlessly around the plans and tracking the progress made.”
We use this 4C Approach as Our Guiding Philosophy.
Our Vision
Our Vision is a World where Individuals and Businesses are more Successful and Prosperous by being Innovative, Collaborative and by developing Products and Services that add value to Human Experience. As partners in this creative process, we offer IT Services that help our Clients become Successful with their Game-Changing Endeavors.
Our Values
    • Honesty & Transparency
    • Integrity
    • Innovation
    • Customer Focus
    • Collaboration
    Our Service Offerings
    • Business Coaching: All our client engagements essentially start with a little bit of coaching. We gain clarity into client’s current business positioning and future goals and objectives (in terms of website traffic, leads, customers and revenue). Inline with these business goals, an Internet success strategy is chalked out for each client, keeping in mind the target audience for our client’s business./li>
    • Web Design & Optimization: Intuitive & responsive layouts, functionality focus and visual appeal are some of the hallmark traits of our web designing approach and philosophy. We develop engaging websites that are pleasing to the eye, search-engine friendly and optimized for enhanced user experience. We build websites that build your business!
    • Inbound Marketing: Primarily, we are an Inbound Marketing Company that helps businesses attract more Visitors to their website, convert more Visitors into Leads, close more Leads into Customers and delight more Customers into repeat, happy Customers! We achieve this objective primarily through SEO-optimized Blogging using relevant topics and well researched keywords, building Forms, Landing Pages and CTAs, Social Media Management, Email Marketing and cutting-edge Business Analytics and more.

    BODHI    [BOD.HEE]

    Pali and Sanskrit word – Noun
    Supreme Knowledge or Intelligence or Enlightenment

    About BodhiMinds

    What do we bring to the table?

    We are a unique Company, wherein, we bring together success psychology and affordable IT products & services to help our Clients become more Productive, Innovative and Profitable. Here are some of the modalities how we achieve this objective:

      • We do not have purely sales driven processes. To us, every sale is an opportunity to engage with our potential customers in a consultative manner and offer “Not Just Technology” but “Business Solutions” that deliver REAL value for our customers.
      • Before we start working on any IT project, we like to Coach, Collaborate, Mentor and Brainstorm with our customers to ensure the actual Business Drivers are well understood beforehand. This helps us to deliver Technology Solutions that meet and exceed our customer’s Business Goals and Objectives. We like to focus on the Business Value of Technology.
      • If needed, we even help our Customers identify well-defined Goals and Milestones for their Online Endeavor and develop a Clear Roadmap for their Web Strategy.
      • From time to time, we like to hold FREE Seminars / Webinars to Educate our potential customers on the changing Business Landscape. In order to take advantage of this Free Educative Opportunity, we encourage people to Subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter on our Home Page.
      • We like to set very high standards for our Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction. In-fact, “Customer Focus” is one of our Core Values.
      • Finally, we strongly believe that we Succeed only when our Customers Succeed. Hence, we make every effort to ensure that we do not just offer Internet Technology Solutions but Collaborate with our Customers and help them really Succeed. In-fact, all our Customers can feel and see this when they engage with us in a Business Relationship.